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I call this one "The Inmates Run the Asylum."

View from above. (A sick AG watches Sesame Street and plays on Netflix, permanently perched in my lap.)

Glinny is always really happy when AG takes an extra long nap.

"Hey, Dad, it says here you ran a 9-minute-mile. You gonna take such inaccuracies?" Coach AG goes over the results, post-race.

Wearing Mama's shoes. As you do.

You can't tell here, but this is a Snuggie and we are watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Thanksgiving tea party

Sunday morning. Huzzah!

She's really more of a righty but she likes to keep her options open.

…and so it begins.

French fries seasoned with Old Bay. I'm pretty sure I want all things I eat to have Old Bay on it.

I mean, it's not bacon, but this is an awesome snack. And it's local.

Box of AWESOME goodies from the kind people at! Thank you!