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Moving Target

Admittedly I was not paying attention.  Despite my best displays, my Irish-Catholic guilt and a compendium of things rooted firmly in the understanding that I just know better, stuck at the light at the intersection of Elston/Fullerton/Clyborn, I started checking Facebook from my phone.  The night had been invigorating; 50 women, give or take, collectively…

NaNoWriMo: Wow! What a Difference!

(AG is fighting something awful and I’m operating on three hours of sleep. Hence, I’m copping out on my post today since I don’t want to miss two days already.) I’ve been working since I was 14. I obtained a special work permit and held a part-time job when most of my friends were still…

O Come Emmanuel

The past 24 hours have been so sad. So gut-wrenching. So awful. I don’t have anything particularly new to offer – not many of us bloggers ever really do – but yesterday through someone on Facebook I was led to this wonderful piece up at the Fred Rogers Company Website: Tragic Events in the News….


"I'm bossy! (Visiting Mom at her office, doing her best imitation.)

Watching the puppies play from Mama and Daddy's room

I love coming home to this girl.

I love this hat so much that it defies logic.

"Mom. I'm getting dressed. Leave me alone."

She hates us all.

Abigail's cousins introduce her to Santa Claus.

Christmas brunch is exhausting.

The Wives