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The tension of the evening is too much for the Smith Family correspondent manning the exit polls upstairs.

Every family can be a media company. (Live at Smith Headquarters.)

AG says, "Barack the Vote!" Happy Election Day!

Hold Your Loved Ones Tight

Wednesday afternoon our friend passed away after a year-long battle with cancer. Three weeks ago, she began hospice care and so we’ve known this was coming. But who wants to believe this, even when this comes to each of us? (Because she is 39. Because she was only 39. Because she was our loved one…

This bag been sitting in our living room since Sunday. I've yet to move it.

Dare greatly this week, my friends.

Saturday mornings are the best.

Cider House Whiskey and Homeland = Friday at The Smiths

And the card read, "Four more years! Four more years!"

After ten years, I finally bought a new watch.

Learning how to use a fork requires both hands, you see.

Apple-carrot-ginger juice. Extra ginger, thanks. (HT to Jenn Sutherland for the reminder to juice with ginger when sick!)

The artist at work