An (un)friendly reminder

I hate to even have to say this, again, but please DO NOT reach out to me via work channels, or, like one misguided fool, reach out to one of my coworkers, thinking it’s me, after reading this blog.

This has been at my About section for more than a year now:

“(Something to note, however: If you’ve learned about where I work, and are inclined to contact me, STOP. Do not. I can’t put you in contact with anyone, pass along any information to anyone or help you with employment in any way. This site has nothing to do with my job, or my employer, and while I realize you mean no harm, I just can’t help. Simply put: Please don’t bother me about my job. I hate to sound harsh, seriously, but the requests and emails from strangers have gotten a little out of control.)”

I cannot begin to tell you how annoying this can be, especially since I supply my personal email at the bottom of my About section. And I allow comments here. To contact me at work, you have to do a slight amount of digging, and when it happens, it’s clear you’re pushy, don’t read directions well and are self-serving in a way that blows my mind. Which makes me even more irritated.  When you bother my coworkers, that’s even moreso. They all know about my blog, and I know some of them read the blog, but no one else at my job likes incessant pitches, either.

If you need some more context regarding just how irritating this is, I once had my doctor call me on my cell phone,  late at night, to pitch something to me in regards to my job. My doctor did this.

Please: if you want me to look at something, read your book, review your product, feel free to reach out to me via the personal channels I’ve put up here. If you want me to do these things under the guise of my professional life, you are outta luck.

I sound like an awful harpie, I know, but COME ON PEOPLE.