Another update masquerading as a post

Look, I’m really exhausted these days. And not in a thyroid way, though I imagine that has something to do with it. Work is crazy insane busy and if I’m not working late, I am hastily waking up at 4 a.m. to agonize about not being at work at that moment and all of the work that has yet to be done.

And, you know, I know plenty of people who are either unemployed or underemployed, and this year I’ve tried my level best not to complain about being busy at work because no one likes that asshole, especially those for whom any of the hard work they’re doing doesn’t provide a steady paycheck. Mine, gratefully, does. With that in mind, it’s been rough going and I’m really looking forward to my vacation.

My instincts would like to turn it in to almost two weeks of wild drinking, waking only for Southern chicken sandwiches from McDonald’s and the occassional L&O rerun. Alas, after all of the stress from work and moving, my approach needs to be a bit more redemptive in nature. I owe it to my mind and body, and, most importantly, to my husband who puts up with my crazy. So I plan to detox a bit, rest as much as possible and keep myself relatively sober. Several days of good eating, sleeping and fresh air are in order.

Also? I bought a juicer and I haven’t had time to use it so I’m all over that.

We’re still not pregnant, for those of you wondering. We’re approaching month seven, though really? We’ve really and truly stopped trying for the time being. With the move and our jobs and the massive amounts of stress I was feeling as a result of both, trying to get pregnant seemed ridiculous. And yes, I know what they say about stress and pregnancy, so I’m also looking at my break as a way to recharge my batteries where this endeavor is concerned. I must say, it was nice to not pay attention to thermometers (which I suck at anyway), in addition to peeing that never once including me tossing a stick into the mix, removing it and dodging droplets.

What? Don’t act like you’ve never had to do it, you ladies who’ve been pregnant (or not) before.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten sad when I hear of yet another friend who got pregnant. I am, of course, thrilled for them, but I’d just like it to be me. That’s all. In the month we haven’t been trying, I’ve barely even thought about it, and when I do hear of someone’s happy news, I’m punched in the gut a little, my husband and I hug each other for a few moments longer than usual and then we get on with it. Next month I have an appointment with my OB-GYN (Which I would have had last week had I not had a meeting I didn’t want to miss. Again, work! Busy!) and I don’t imagine we’ll be pregnant by the time I get there, timing being what it is, so I’ll be discussing the situation with her.

For now, it’s the most I can do.

We put up a little Christmas tree this year, a fake one, a tiny one, and it’s got a few of our favorite ornaments on it. We missed the window of good weather to decorate outside. We haven’t bought a single stitch of furniture because I’m a bit of a nut job and refuse to switch course of our financial goals. We can wait till late winter, spring for all of that. Scott’s dad and stepmom, however, brought us over a table that was Scott’s great grandfather’s and you can see how our house will become a home. We’ve shoveled the sidewalks and driveway – it was a pretty funny team effort after  I returned from the gym one morning last week, probably because we were the only family who went out and did it.

Whatever. We were excited to do it and we have a snowblower now, anyway, thanks to my Gram.

Our kitchen remodel starts on January 4. We’ll assemble the bookcases sometime during my break. I’ll make Nana cookies next week, in time for Christmas with my family. We still haven’t fully figured out the thermostat, and Sunday I managed to fall down a flight of stairs, rendering me useless for two days – though with the beginnings of a really awesome bruise on my left cheek.

Yes, that cheek.

Hopefully a more real post soon.