The Silver Linings

1) We have been packed for a month. I’m starting to forget what we actually own. When we finally do unpack and unwrap boxes, it will feel like Christmas Eve! Then again, it might actually be Christmas Eve by the time we move in.

2) So hey! Then we don’t have buy each other presents now! “Here, honey! This one says ‘barware’! Merry Christmas! Save the bubble wrap!”

3) I can go to Hot Doug’s on Saturday morning and get duck fat fries after I go running. On the north side. Again.

4) Since Scott is leaving tomorrow for Argentina, that means I am definitely closing on the house by myself, should we get a clear to close in the next week. This means I get first dibs on where shit goes.

5) I have power of attorney for Scott. Evil laughing shall commence.

6) We still have all of our money. Neither of us have signed over any phatty checks in recent days. It’ll be a while before we get near that many dollars again, so I’m savoring the sight as long as I can.

7) Glin still has Betsy, her dog walker. Betsy crochets stuffed toy bones for Glin and makes her homemade peanut butter cookies. I make my dog get up and go run three miles with me in the morning. You can imagine who she likes better.

8 ) I can read Going Rogue uninterrupted.


8 ) I can keep my scheduled haircut.

9) I can continue to justify eating whatever suits me. Tonight? Pasta out of a bag and a few spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry’s Everything But The Sink! What? I eat salads for lunch!

10)  If we don’t get wrapped up by Thanksgiving, at least my husband will be home and we can do this together as planned all along.