Guess who still lives on the north side?


Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Thankfully, it really does look as though we’re on track to close this week. Of course, my husband is leaving the country on Thursday for about a week, which means I’m in charge of moving into our house. Well, me and Kate Shea. Lucky for Scott as we Shea girls are bossy control freaks so there isn’t much to worry about. Plus, you know, movers.

I’m a little sad, of course, as my first night in our new house will be without him, and it’s a milestone you don’t get a do-over for. But I’m also not about to tell my husband to give up a trip to Argentina, which isn’t a do-over either. It’s for work, but he’s the Editor/Director of Content of so you do the math there. Sure his job is all about the articles, but they’re still articles that talk about boobs and booze. Still bittersweet all the same.

Last night we attended a dinner party in Beverly. It was a really lovely party, and our fellow guests were just as lovely, and we were able to drive by the house before heading back. Our friends Mike and Teresa were at the party too, and since our new house was a just a few minutes away, we had them follow us. It was all very surreal, for a number of reasons, but mostly because the house as a real thing, not just some abstract concept. We haven’t been out to the house in weeks, so that’s not at all surprising, and to pull up in front of it made us happy and very wistful that we didn’t just live there already. Especially since it was a 20-minute drive back up north.

The rest of this week will be spent packing up the remaining items here, getting all of Scott’s stuff packed and ready and closing on this damn thing already.

In other news, Scott’s sister Jen had a baby, a little boy she and her fiance named Elliot. He is a bundle of adorableness and we can’t get enough of him. Specifically his uncle can’t. When they were all still in the hospital, conveniently located next to Scott’s office, Uncle Scott would stop in daily for a baby fix. Apparently he took the kid right out of Jen’s fiance’s arms. The family now calls him a baby hog. It’s all very uterus-thumping. We’re on our way to the suburbs to go visit in just a few minutes.

I’m still training for the half-marathon, and if you click the button on the left, below, you’ll find several of my posts and those of my fellow trainees. I’m posting there almost daily if you’re interested. I’m having a great time, and I’m incredibly inspired by these ladies. New Orleans is going to be a blast next year.

That’s all I got until we close. Think good thoughts for us, if you wouldn’t mind.