Update Because I’m Lazy

Or, actually, busy.

I am fried, people. I have nothing remotely creative or interesting to say, but there is so much I want to talk about. But I get home, and I cobble together something for dinner, and then I crash. For the past two weeks, Scott and I have been getting up every morning at 5 :15 a.m., without fail, to work out at the gym. And it has been awesome and life-changing and it’s good for a couple of stressballs like us but lo I am exhausted by the time I get home.

I have been getting into bed by 8:30 p.m. is my point. Eventually I’ll get used to this – right? – but for now it’s been tough because I’m already pretty tired all of the time. And truth be told, there is probably an element of me avoiding all of the packing that needs to be done, though we’ve gotten lots done already.  I’ll tell you all right now, this is a crazy time to be buying a house, only in that all of the truisms people told you about loans and time spans no longer apply, and for good reason. They’re not handing this stuff out like candy as they used to. Plus, we had to go and make it more complicated by putting in for a remodeling loan to boot, which requires more paperwork and i dotting and t crossing.

Wait till you see the washer and dryer we picked out, though. They’re bringing sexy back. For real. I will probably never leave, and insist on throwing laundry-themed parties.

Anyway, say some prayers, if you’ve got them to spare, that all falls into place and we close next Friday. I have already put in our notice to our landlord, and we’ve hired movers so frankly it all needs to happen or…I really don’y’ know. I choose to say we are closing next Friday and that’s that. I’ve been assured that we should hit that date so I’m going with it.

So with work and moving, there is half-marathon training. The result of a few taunting, yet friendly, Tweets between us yesterday, Linda, AB and Eliza and I all decided to do the Mardi Gras half  marathon together at the end of February. our friend, Dawn, is going to join us, and perhaps a few others as well. I’m also training for the Hustle Up The Hancock in February, so clearly I am going to be in the most rockingest shape ever by then.

I’ll still be 10 pounds heavier, I imagine, but whatever.

If I’m pregnant by then, I’ll plan accordingly, don’t you worry. I’m active enough, and in good shape, so I don’t see any reason not to do at least one of those things if I am.  Seriously, pregnant women do this stuff all of the time, and I never envisioned myself as anything other than an active pregnant lady, unless a doctor told me otherwise.

Funny: AB sends me a message yesterday afternoon, saying, “Remember when we used to plan trips around drinking and smoking?” I had to laugh because, seriously: just a few years ago, even my trips that involved running involved drinking and smoking, and know there won’t be drinking or smoking going on in New Orleans this February. Well, at least for me, pregnant or not.

I’m buying houses, making babies and running half-marathons. Oh, adulthood.