Happy Anniversary to Us

scottanderinTomorrow is our one-year anniversary.

There are some days when it boggles my mind to think we’ve only been married a year. We eased into being married much more seamlessly than we did being a couple, interestingly enough. The romantic in me likes to believe it’s simply because this was always where we were destined to be, and being married was the state where our coupling made the most sense. The realist in me knows better. We just did a few years worth of work so that this would pay off every day. We did a lot of heavy lifting before we got here, so that when we got here, we weren’t completely caught off guard.

Of course there is still heavy lifting, and truth be told, we like hard work. We like a challenge. I am not particularly envious of those for whom marriage isn’t tough, primarily because that’s not who we are and I enjoy the fruits of our labor. He helps me be a better person. It’s really that simple.

Beyond the hard work, what I probably love the most is that every morning, when the alarm goes off, he reaches over to rub my arm or my back to say good morning. Every morning, with that gesture, I am reminded that we’re in this together. That whatever stretches out before us that day, we’re a team, and I’m not bounding out of bed to face the world on my own. I don’t know that I think you have to be married, or even in a relationship, for that matter, to have that camaraderie with someone, but I know that having that pat on my arm each morning before I’m fully awake has been a perk for me.

As has been the coffee, my estrangement from the garbage cans in our alley and the really great martinis he makes nearly every Friday after we get home from work. Oh, and the in-house booty.

Scott remains my very favorite person in the world, and my very best friend. Our relationship, our friendship, has changed and shifted during the past several years, but that’s the component that remains constant. Each and every day, there is no one else with whom I’d rather spend my time. I consider myself amongst the lucky to have found that sort of person, the kind I just can’t live without, and I realize that each and every day, whether the garbage goes out or not.