(Behind-the-scenes at AB Chao Design Camp!)


I’m The Mama

“Mama!” “Mama! Mama!” “I WANT MA MAMA!” Not long after I had AG, but shortly before I returned to work, I mentioned to my friend, Ali, that I worried AG would confuse her nanny for me. Or at least assume the nanny was her real mother. “Don’t worry,” she said. “They know. They just do.”…

I suppose healthy-eating and living *can* be taken a bridge too far…

Hanging her first ornament! (Elmo, of course.)

In shock that we are at the park on December 2.

Some may call this a Bloody Mary, I call this the "My-toddler-was-a-tantrum-y-tantrum-machine-most-of-the-morning-and-Mama-needs-the-edge-off" solution.

Beast looks so majestic on the mantle. This will indeed be a Merry Christmas.

Kung Pao Edamame. Amazing.


Raaar! Stocking stuffer!

Making this happen.

Building forts and living on cereal bars and applesauce. #TheFluOfDoomIsStillHere