I’m Erin. I’m 39.

I live in Chicago, on the far south side of town. I live with my husband, Scott, our daughter, Abigail, and our dog, Glin.

I started this site when I was 23, back when blogs were called online journals, we hand-coded everything and GeoCities was where it all happened. Since then, a whole slew have things have happened. Since about 2008, I’ve remained a happily married lady and mom, with a couple of cool hobbies and a great job. It’s nice work if you can get it.


Most people remember me from my old weight-loss blog, Lose the Buddha, and while I’m not actively losing weight – sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t – I’m still really active and a lover of All-Things-Health. I run and practice a whole ton of yoga. 


Some other things to know: I work at Weber Shandwick in their Chicago office, heading up editorial and content. Everything I talk about here has nothing to do with my job, and I’ll never talk about the details of my work here. I may mention a client or two, and when that happens, I’ll point it out. All of my opinions here are my own, and I won’t be promoting my clients here.


 Thank you for stopping by and reading. If you want to email me, please feel free to drop me a line at erin0420 at gmaildotcom.