Snerf snort

Life with a toddler has translated into a week’s worth of some sort of illness a month. I’d love to say I’ve cracked the code in dealing with it, but I haven’t. I don’t even know if that’s possible. Or is it? I mean, she’s gonna get sick. I get that, and I’m not one…

2012 In Review

I’ve not been overly enthusiastic to write this post, or any post, for that matter. It’s not that this has been an awful year – it has and it hasn’t. It’s just life, and some years are more complicated than others. It also has something to do with more and more distance coming between me…

O Come Emmanuel

The past 24 hours have been so sad. So gut-wrenching. So awful. I don’t have anything particularly new to offer – not many of us bloggers ever really do – but yesterday through someone on Facebook I was led to this wonderful piece up at the Fred Rogers Company Website: Tragic Events in the News….


"I'm bossy! (Visiting Mom at her office, doing her best imitation.)

Watching the puppies play from Mama and Daddy's room

I love coming home to this girl.

I love this hat so much that it defies logic.

"Mom. I'm getting dressed. Leave me alone."

She hates us all.

Abigail's cousins introduce her to Santa Claus.

Christmas brunch is exhausting.

The Wives