Ultimate Reset: Day Two

Well that was awful.

And it’s still awful.

I’m suffering from caffeine withdrawal so horribly that last night? I actually got sick. Like, for real sick. I started getting a headache late in the day yesterday and there it’s remained since. I was woefully unprepared for it – I hadn’t planned on taking anything for the pain, but that was until my daughter, bless her heart, became so stuffed up and sick that she couldn’t sleep and screamed and screamed all night long.

By around 9:30 p.m., sitting with her in the chair, the only place she was comfortable, I finally broke down and took some Advil. By then it was too late and I rushed to the bathroom. Who knew that vomiting was a symptom of caffeine withdrawal?

Not me.

Currently I am still feeling a little sluggish and heavy, though a bit better after a breakfast of oatmeal and berries and yogurt. I’m drinking as much water as humanly possible, and figure I’m just going to have to ride this out.

I’m praying AG feels better, but according to the text I just got from her nanny, it’s not likely.

The food has been fine – though I think if I could just eat the above scrambled eggs, kale with lemon and pine nuts and whole-wheat toast I’d be happy. I had a big salad for lunch yesterday – mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, jicama, peppers, pumpkin seeds, a Greek vinaigrette – but admittedly I had little-to-no enthusiasm for it without some avocado, dried fruit or feta.

I don’t want to speak of dinner since after last night I don’t think I’m going to want to think about a baby potato, much less eat one.

Here, of course, is the challenge: I like food, and I like the happiness it adds to my life. This is all food for fuel on this program. This is all fine and good, but man it’s not a way of life for me. It’s my hope, of course, that I figure out which foods I have a sensitivity to, and then branch out and look for new recipes to accommodate that,  but I’m wary of a life that includes “food-as-fuel” only. I know I have to figure out a happy medium, for my health, but the alternative is for the birds as much as the other extreme.

No additional, well, anything was done after a sick, sad baby and a sick, sad mama. Which is just fine. This experience doesn’t need to be perfect, though it could stand to happen with less nausea. Honestly.

I assume (and have read) that by Day 4 you feel tons better and a lot of this nonsense subsides, so I’m still hopeful.

For right now? I might not be the most pleasant person to be around.