RIP Maurice Sendak

Typically I try not to get worked up over celebrity death, but today Maurice Sendak died, and I’m tremendously heartbroken.

Apropos, I suppose, that it’s approaching Mother’s Day, and to say that the mother I want to be, the mother I hope that I’m becoming, is one who respects and understands the complexity of her daughter. Who simultaneously teaches her child what’s right and what’s wrong, while encouraging her to find ways to express how she feels about all of it. I want to be the sort of mother who pushes her daughter to dream and to dare, to take on the world and risk…

…to stomp out the door in a flurry of fury, all the while knowing that supper will be hot when she comes home. That she always has a home to come home to. I hope I am brave enough of a parent to help her through all of this. Because, really, there’s no escaping it.

What a fantastically brilliant curmudgeon. What a truth-teller. What a gift.