Abigail is knee-deep in the eight-month sleep regression.

And it is killing us.

Last night was the worst so far – we got a total of three hours of sleep, and that was with both of us taking shifts and trying to calm her down and get back to sleep. She slept from 6:45 p.m. – 11:30 p.m., was up until 4:30 a.m. and slept till 7 a.m.

(For grins, Glinny woke us up exactly two hours after Abigail finally dropped off so she could puke all over. I am not having the best day.)

We did everything we could think of last night, and, much like it was when she was in the thick of her colic, she pretty much just had to wear herself out. And us in the process.

I am trying to remain positive, of course. She’s gone through growth spurts before, though this one is accompanied by many developmental happenings – she is crawling, and speedily, and pulling herself up to a stand as much as possible, and two of her front bottom teeth came in at the same time. All that said, typically AG weathers these things well and they don’t last too long. However the severity of this particular growth spurt is leaving me feeling pretty hopeless and sad and, well, yes, delusional from the exhaustion.

I’ve read stories upon stories from other parents who went through this period and lived to comment about it on the Internet, obviously, so the same will be said for us. But it’s true that it’s a hard knock to the ass considering AG has been sleeping 7 p.m. – 6 p.m. since she was eight weeks old, give or take a cold or growth spurt. The difference with this growth spurt is that she takes hours to get back to sleep, instead of the usual 30 minutes of bottle and snuggling.

Right now I’m just praying that she gets through this as quickly as she has her other growth spurts so that she’s well-rested and we’re all in better spirits. Despite how awesome it is to realize that on the other side of all of this agony are new skills and new windows to who my daughter is, OH MY GOD I WANT SOME SLEEP SWEET LORD.

Ugh. Anyone else have stories to share about this time period?