It’s been a week

Does anyone else ever experience that moment during the week when going for a run or to a class or picking up a handweight sounds like the most awful thing that you could ever hope to do?

This has been my pattern as of late. I work out anywhere between two-four days a week, early in the week, and then peter off. I don’t think I’ve been burning myself out in the beginning as much as I’m just finding my weeks getting so jammed up that I choose sleep over working out.

I remember reading once where Hillary Swank said she’d always pick working out over sleep. She’s a mutant.


The husband and I have not been adhering to our previous schedule of working out together every other morning, hitting the gym by 6 a.m. or so. There has been no rhyme or reason, which is necessary when you end up working hours and hours and hours on end. Those of you who keep similar work schedules can sympathize with me here, I’m sure. I thrive on routine, so this slapdash approach to working out has to stop. If nothing else, my stress levels could use a bit more consistency when it comes to feeding them adrenaline.

I’m not training for anything, not working towards anything, so it makes it easy to get lazy about it all. Of course, it does open up other opportunities – I took a great spin class at the gym last week, for instance.

God this post is boring me, too. So I’ll end with this:

1) What healthy living blogs are you reading these days?

2) Anyone got a new clean recipe?

3) What do you think I should write about? Anyone have any questions? Because on top of slacking with working out, I am slacking off on finding inspiration for this blog…