Countdown to NOLA

I’m at the point in half-marathon training where I would rather do just about anything than run.

This is sort of the way with me anything, which is why I’m never terribly consistent about things such as half-marathons. I love them as a goal, as a thing to do, but the dedication required to make them anything more than a once-a-year event is a bit more than what I can bear.

Which is why, of course, I’ve signed up for Ragnar in June. And agreed to do the Chicago Marathon later this year. Because that’s what makes a load of sense for someone who, a handful of weeks before the event, would just as soon do algebra than strap on running shoes and head out the door.

I once again haven’t been writing much here – or anywhere, frankly – because I had to come to the conclusion that I’ve got room for one hobby at a time these days. Work is pretty hectic – wonderful, but hectic – and leaves me wanting to be anywhere but behind a keyboard by day’s end. Considering AG doesn’t head to bed these days until 7:30 – 8 p.m., and then Scott and I have dinner together, and to be up for a run or whatever, I’m back upstairs and asleep by 10 p.m.

So, yeah. Blogging takes such a back seat it’s practically hanging on to the tailpipe.

But for those of you who care about training and such things, here has what’s been happening with me:

I am pretty sure that at this point in my training three years ago, when I first ran this half, I had packed it in. I think the furthest I ran was nine miles, and I’ve already bested that so yay for improvement! For the first time in my life – which, to be honest, is really the past ten years since that’s when I truly began running as a hobby – I didn’t train using the beginner schedule, but instead went up an entire notch to Novice 2! I haven’t injured myself (knock on wood) and for as much as I’m not finding the level of joy out there on training days, I’m not so irritated that I’ve slowed down my pace or not challenged myself if the spirit moved me, which is to say, “not much,” but enough that my short runs were still my fastest runs.

In summary: I’ve managed not to quit.

My goal remains the same: keep moving. I don’t suppose I’ll walk much, save for water breaks and the like, but I’m not one to care if I do. I’m closer to 40 than 20, and while I’m not bemoaning that fact, it’s a solid reminder that this is all just for fun, and to keep myself healthy. Despite all of those Facebook memes from running stores and clubs, getting out there and then crossing the finish line is not always a life-defining moment. Sometimes it’s just finishing a race you signed up to do with your friend¬†and a trip you’ve taken with your family.

I’ve got another two long runs ahead of me – 11 this weekend, 12 the next – and then the race. After that, I’m taking a month off to just swim and do yoga and sleep before training for Ragnar. I’m only giving myself two months to train for that thing but whatever. Again, this is not me proving a point. It’s just me running with friends.

Three more weeks. Three more weeks.