Bit by bit

As of right now I’m heading into the office. On the train as we speak.

It’s been a long three weeks. I’m happy to be back to my routine, though it does mean missing Abigail – she’d come barreling into my bedroom at odd moments with a huge smile on her face and requests for hugs. And it was awesome. But I’m happy to be in actual clothes, wearing makeup and deodorant. I feel human.

I’m still sore – had to lug my laptop today, which stinks because the added weight puts pressure on my body and causes additional pain. But I’m not sick and unable to sit up. Or be away from home.

I have lost weight. Eleven pounds. And counting, it seems. It’s kind of freaking me out, to be honest, but I’ve read that’s a common side effect. Especially if you ate well before and have cut out certain things, which I have, and started eating smaller meals, which I’ve done, too. No dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol, no fried foods or refined sugars. At least in very small quantities. And small meals. Anything else just makes me feel sick and gross. For as painful as all of this was, the digestive issues that accompanied it alone were enough to keep me on the clean-eating path. Just the thought of being sick or taking the chance on it makes me shudder.

Thanks for all of the kind words and comments – I’m in way better shape now, thanks to all of that rest and calm. Hopefully I’ll be back to posting again soon.