Enemy of the good

1) Not writing here because I don’t have the time I’d like to carve out something articulate/witty/meaningful. There is plenty worth noting, even in small handfuls, which is why I’m sitting down right now after lunch.

2) Derby was awesome, even if I did fall the most out of anyone in the class. To be fair, it was only twice and to be fair, everyone but me and the other woman who fell had either A) Been a professional roller derby skater before or B) Already been to Derby Lite before. As predicted, it was a fun, nurturing, supportive environment and while I didn’t love it, I loved it. At least I knew I was going to love it. One of the mantras they ask you to repeat is to never say you can’t or you won’t. Because you will. Someday.

As I nursed my nearly sprained-but-only-badly-bruised thumb, I felt grateful for the chance to take on a physical task that I can’t just master by being dogged or because I’ve been in pretty decent physical condition these past few years. I need to be patient and considerate and humble. I’m learning a totally new skill.

I’m proud of myself for taking on the task.

3) Battling the first cold of the season. Usually by this time I would have slogged through at least four colds by now, which invariably morphed into sinus infections. So far, I seem to be on the mend nicely and after resting today, plenty of Green Monsters, water and soup, I can tell this won’t be around long. If you’re on the fence about sinus surgery? STOP IT. Go get it. It’s awesome.

4) Lent is here. I think maybe it’s being Catholic – the ritual of things, the ceremony, the guilt, all that purple – but I truly enjoy Lent. They’re not the same, but I suppose there are similarities within my love of the New Year that make my love of Lent not surprising. I enjoy a built-in pause, a little sacrifice, a whole lot of reflection. For reasons that I’m not entirely sure of, I’m called pretty strongly this year to observe the season. It’s been a life-changing year, and a lot of things have happened that require a good hard stop out of me.

For the record? No more ice cream, no more snacks that aren’t fruit, no more missing my gym time and daily walks with Glin. There are some more personal, off-the-record things I’m doing in honor of Lent, all that mainly involve giving back or challenging myself in other areas, but those above are the mainstream ones.

5) AG’s birthday party. It’s this weekend. I’m excited, to be sure, but as I think I mentioned before, we’re not going crazy. Balloons, a cake from Costco – embellished by AG’s  lovely and awesome, cake-decorating nanny – and three different kinds of chili. And beer. I bought her a party dress, and I’ll get some things for the kids coming, but it’s family-only and I truly do subscribe to not making a big spectacle out of our kid’s birthday. Not even when she gets older. This may make us the killer of joy, but I’m certain I’ll get over it.

I already have.

All that said, I’m really excited about AG’s first birthday. I guess I can believe it’s been a year – it all does seem like a lifetime ago, after all – but I can’t believe I have a one-year-old. She’s on the cusp of so much. It’s amazing to watch.

Sometimes it seems like the best way to commemorate it would be to ask for a time out, maybe ask her to slow down for just a second.