Right side of things

This has been an uproarious 48 hours, what with all of the voters’ rights legislations being gutted, fabulous Texan ladies filibustering and same-sex marriage banning, um, being declared unconstitutional.

Keeping the rhythm there was a bit rough. Apologizes.

I guess all I want to say is this:


I look at this gorgeous face and the idea that her happiness would be predicated on anything other than her own will to go out and secure it and accept it? Oh that breaks my heart. What breaks it even more is her inheriting a world where that remains true for so many of her fellow human beings.

I am frightened and disappointed by what’s been done to the Voting Rights Act. I’m saddened that we are still 37 states weak on being on the right side of history on the issue of gay marriage. But, as someone else quoted from “Angels in America” today: “The world only spins forward.” And that truism is what means a lot today for Abigail’s tomorrow.