Snerf snort

Life with a toddler has translated into a week’s worth of some sort of illness a month.

I’d love to say I’ve cracked the code in dealing with it, but I haven’t. I don’t even know if that’s possible.

Or is it?

I mean, she’s gonna get sick. I get that, and I’m not one of those parents who shrieks each time her kid gets sick, though it’s been a really rough end-of-summer/fall/beginning of winter for us. I’d like to minimize the amount she’s sick, if possible, and maybe stave off some of it for myself.

Typically I rest a lot, make some homemade soup, take Vitamin C and drink lots of water. What do you guys do? Are there things you can do for your kids to help them combat some of it? Aside from hand-washing and rest, I’m stumped.

Any tips?