God I hope Connie Britton’s New Show is Really Good

Random thoughts masquerading as a blog post:

  • I really want to like Mindy Kaling’s show, “The Mindy Project,” but I’m afraid it’s going to be relegated into that pile of shows, because I was so simultaneously bored and annoyed with it on first watch, that I’m unlikely to give it a chance until someone tells me to do otherwise or they nab themselves a really good marketing campaign and I’ll be forced to watch another episode. I don’t need my leading ladies to be All Zooey Deschanel, All The Time, but I need to really and truly care about a woman who goes to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding and makes a spectacle of herself and then lands in the pokey. All it did was make me wonder if Kaling is actually that vapid in real life.
  • Scott has a new job, so he’s been off all this week unwinding from the last as he revs up for the next. This poor man made the sweet and well-intended decision to make yesterday Daddy/Daughter Day, and gave the nanny the day off. There were grandiose plans for museums and snuggles, but all that end up happening was a dog that had to go to the vet to be treated for skin allergies, a refrigerator that somehow needed to be stocked mid-week despite grocery shopping last weekend and a toddler who refused to nap so the only bonding that took place was in the 30-second increments when the little pint-sized tyrant wasn’t screeching at him for not bending to her will.
  • Which brings me to my next point: Toddlers. I still prefer them over newborns, but holy Hannah what capricious, angry little people they are. And it’s not that I don’t have sympathy or the reasoning skills necessary to not take the histrionics personally. I can only imagine what a joy I was to my parents when my frontal lobe was in that amoeba stage of development! But sometimes it takes a lot of work not to let my mind wander into childless, extraneous income-d fields were human beings use their words, don’t drop the organic cherry tomatoes onto the floor for the dog to eat and don’t lose their shit in the middle of the night because, through no one’s fault but their own, their Pooh Bear blanket is three inches away from their clutches instead of two.
  • I still feel good. All of my yammering on about a more vegan-ish diet and a more tempered approach to living turned out to not be too hard to incorporate into my regular life. In the three weeks since the Ultimate Reset concluded, I’ve had meat twice. I’ve mostly stopped eating cheese, though there have been a couple of times out to eat where I’ve had some because the quality was worth it. I’m eating the occasional egg, and depending on the morning with Abigail, an extra cup of coffee more than I’d like, but overall it’s been fantastic. I’m not counting calories or points or anything. I watch portions still, but it’s nice not to have such things dictate my brain space.
  • Clothing, however, is becoming a challenge. The last time I was this small it was 2007 and I was generally poor. And I didn’t stay altogether too long at this size so I didn’t amass much clothing. All of my jeans with the exception of one pair are too baggy. I don’t have much in the way of dress clothes, either. I’m making do, because really no one cares but me, but I know I’ll eventually have to spend money on new clothes or hit a consignment shop or whatever. I’d just rather not. I know. Whining about losing enough weight that my clothes are all too big is the equivalent of whining about what to do with all of the money you’re making, oh pity it’s SUCH a bother but honestly. I hate shopping and I really like the clothes I have.
  • I’m taking this class with my friend, Jamie, at her parish. My Dad had encouraged me to learn more about it – a goodly portion of you Catholics out there are familiar with it – and I was absolutely intrigued, so when Jamie mentioned that her church was hosting a study group for it I signed up. Of course, in a room of people I was the only one who didn’t own a Catechism of the Catholic Church, but I feel rather secure in that in the grand scheme of things I’m probably more the rule than the exception in this regard.
  • I’m working on annulling my first marriage. This is a process, and I’m dragging my feet on a couple of things, but there it is. It’ll take a year, if my application is accepted, and I’m finally in a place to be doing it.
  • Fall is HERE. I loved summer, and I’ll miss it, but this weekend we’re going to the apple orchard and the weekend after that to the pumpkin patch with some friends. I’ve lit candles that release all sorts of wonderful, artificially smelling pumpkin-cinnamon-spice-leaf scents into our house. I don’t hate our default decor scheme of dark everything because by candlelight it all looks cozy and not at all lazy and uninspired. Also? It doesn’t matter how much my current selection of pants looks rank, sweaters don’t care how much weight you’ve lost. They still love you and will look nice on you.
  • I’ve had a lot of friends have babies in recent weeks. There is a blog post in me about how we’re done having children – affectionately known as the “One and Done Club” – and how grateful I am to have all of these tiny little people to snuggle with and cuddle and reluctantly give back to their rightful owners.
  • I have two goals for the cold weather: make bread and learn to knit. This should be able to happen. Seriously.