Ultimate Reset Prep Work

For the past two weeks, I’ve  been combing the Internet for any and all articles related to the reset program.

It’s pretty clear, even from my inexperienced vantage, that something like this is not for the 1) faint of heart or 2) unprepared. For as much as I’m looking forward figuring out if there are any health benefits from this, I’m not at all looking forward to headaches, withdrawal “shakes,” or the general irritability that comes from not getting what you want when you want it, which are all storm-before-the-calm type things.

So my kingdom for some tips! Here’s what I’ve collected so far:

1) Ginseng tea is a good combatant for the caffeine withdrawal headache. As someone who has battled migraines her entire adult life, even the prospect of having a headache gives me a headache.

2) Epsom salt baths. I started taking more of these when I was doing Derby Lite. I have a massive bag of this stuff in my bathroom closet. It’s cheap and it works.

3) Dry brushing. There are various schools of thought on this in terms of validity of claims, but I’m a big fan of dry brushing and I don’t do it with the degree I used to, simply because of time. I think it leaves my skin smoother and I do feel a bit more energized after – which may just be the sensation of a bristle brush on sensitive, morning skin.

4) Get sunshine and fresh air. I walk a mile each way for my daily commute, and typically take Glin out for a walk in the park before work, but I suspect where this will greatly come into play is during the work day. I generally don’t leave the office (let alone my desk) during the day. If I hit a stressful day, combined with a regimented diet, I suspect I’ll need to take my leave for 20 minutes or so.

5) Sleep. I get about seven hours every night, but I’m going to shoot for nine during these 21 days. When I’m tired – or cranky or happy or anxious or nothing, for that matter – I eat or snack. I suspect it’s better for me to rest and rest and rest, rather than just be up watching TV or screwing around on the computer.

6) Journal. Mary mentioned in the comments of the previous post that she hopes I take some time to be grateful for who I am and what I am to those who love me. That struck me as a bit of “Duh, Erin” moment because, you know, that’s a bit of the point of doing something like this. Yes, yes, some people drop cholesterol points and pounds (and, you know, I hope I’m one of them), but there is something to be said for doing something that’s challenging and intense and giving yourself permission and grace to examine your life within that context. So since I can’t eat my feelings during this time, or go run them out during the course of 3-4 miles, I’m going to journal them.

6) Drink water. I’m decent at getting water in during the day, but awful at night. I am the proud owner of two new 64-ounce water bottles. And really “bottle” feels more like “container” when it’s 64 ounces. So one at home that I fill up and have ready for when I walk in the door, the other at work. I’m going to be peeing like I’m pregnant again.

I suspect I’ll find more along the way. The actual kit is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I’ve got a week to read through it and prep. Anyone else have tips or ideas?