Problem solved and other items

So we found a new nanny. Sorry to be so dramatic and then leave, but it’s been a little crazy lately and every time I sat down to update this blog, something else got in the way.

And, truly, at this moment, I don’t feel much like writing.

I’m tired. So tired. My schedule is completely out of whack. I’ve been eating anything that’s less-than-desirable and since I’m unable to work out, and haven’t gotten to the pool, I’m generally puffy and bloaty and my face has taken on a sort of weird pall, tossed in with adorable patches of dry, flaky skin. There hasn’t been much water drinking – but talk to me about saffron-infused gin with ginger ale cocktails! – and after two weeks, I finally went ahead and shaved my legs the other night.

I haven’t earnestly tracked a point of food since before vacation, my month-old no-chip manicure is chipped beyond measure and thanks to AG’s new-found affinity for cottage cheese, nearly every pair of lounge-y yoga pants I own are covered with a white residue before I have a chance to do anything about it.

There’s been more going on than just the nanny stuff, of course, but those aren’t my stories to tell. Nevertheless, things have just been chaotic and goofy and I spent a whole lot of time worrying and reminding myself to take 10 deep cleansing breaths as much as possible. I’m doing my best to cut myself some slack – we’re juggling a lot, and our jobs are busy and a bit demanding at the moment – but some days it’s hard not to wish I was one of those people who at least makes somewhat of an attempt at normalcy when things in life go caddywompus. I mean, would it really kill me to just eat the apples and oranges I pack for myself each day? And is there a rule that I really must eat a Hershey Kiss out of the candy bowl every blessed time I travel through our dining room?

And why in God’s name do I have a candy bowl out in the first place?

So the good news is that we’ve hired a new nanny. And I’m off the week between Christmas and New Year’s and she’s going to come in a couple of days that week, for a few hours, so that we can get to know each other and our routines and buy me some time to get organized and get the Smith family back on track. Maybe take a few trips to the pool, make some casseroles to freeze, go to our local coffee shop and read.

It’s not been a total donnybrook. The lights are all up outside, the tree is decorated and I’ve hung stockings by the chimney with a certain amount of care. Christmas cards have been addressed, stamped and are ready to go. I’m just a few items away from being done with our Christmas shopping and I’ve made out the grocery list for Christmas Day dinner.

There are worse things, I guess is what I’m saying. And despite a few health scares and bumps for a whole slew of our loved ones these past several weeks, everyone seems to be OK and on the mend. Even me, God willing, though I haven’t been back to the doctor for a follow-up since I was first diagnosed with the stress fracture. Fingers crossed.

Just going to get through this week and attempt a shred of dignity and heaps of humility and perspective as I do it. Bear with me.