Quick update and a Thank You

This morning I went in to, literally, have my nose sucked out, the second-to-last appointment I’ll have with my surgeon as this whole sinus surgery adventure comes to a close.

And oh my stars.

I really and truly am amazed by how much I wasn’t breathing before. Or at least well. My entire world feels opened up because I can take a deep breath and use my nose in the process. Oh, oxygen. You seductress, you!

Speaking of opening up one’s world, I felt like I wanted to say something about the passing of Steve Jobs.

I have always, always been a PC. I’ve used Apple computers in college, as well as professionally,  but I’ve always been a PC user. Until I had Abigail.

The trials and tribulations of Abigail’s first three months are well-documented, so I’ll spare a total rehashing. But suffice it to say, had it not been for Steve Jobs, Apple and the invention of the iPad, I do not know where I’d be. That thing was as instrumental in saving me as our families, therapy and sleep. Had it not been for that miraculous piece of technology, there when Abigail’s insistence on being held on my chest kept me from being able to use a laptop or cellphone, I would have never had the lifelines I had.

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say all of this. From a very practical application, the iPad gave me a connection to the world outside and other moms who, on Twitter, Facebook and email and here, all encouraged me and cheering me to hang on, to not let my better angels be defeated. For the two weeks when all I had was a cellphone, when it was clear there was no way I could effectively use my laptop, I was so lonely and bored. I would sit and cry in the glider for hours.

HOURS. Every day.

And then Scott brought home his iPad, and I was able to watch, of all things, “Brothers & Sisters.” Suddenly, during the day, but sitting in the dark, with my colicky, finicky girl on my chest, I had something to do, and it was unobtrusive and easily portable and little by little helped me find the light.

I never gave much thought to all of this until Jobs died. I mean, we’ve told new moms and soon-to-be moms that, if they can swing it, they should get one. I’m sure I mentioned it here. But when the tributes starting pouring in for Jobs, I realized that this man and his company, made my life a little brighter and easier during a time when I needed it most.

I’m now an iPhone user and, not long before Jobs died, mentioned on Twitter that I’m pretty sure that having used both the iPhone and iPad now, my next laptop will be a Mac.

RIP, Steve Jobs. Thanks.