Probably Need My Head Examined

I just agreed to run the New Orleans Half Marathon in March with AB Chao, Linda and Eliza.

It’s possible that I need my head examined, but there is something symbolic about running a half-marathon almost a year to the day I had Abigail. Which, coincidentally, was a year to the day I ran the half in 2010.

I am not planning on having another baby in 2013. I don’t think we need to make a habit of all of this.

I am thrilled, but terrified. I am just about the world’s worst runner these days – boot camp? Crossfit? Spinning? Yoga? I AM THERE. Running? Oh Lord. The furthest I’ve run without stopping SINCE THE HALF MARATHON IN 2010 is A MILE. That’s right. One mile. And I think I’m going to go on ahead and run 13.1 in five months.

I think I can do it. Really, I don’t have much of a choice. Of course I’m going to do this. I am interested in anew half-marathon training plan if anyone has any to share, other than Hal Higdon’s, which I used last time and didn’t like.  Any suggestions?

The race is March 4. I start training on October 2. Lord help me. Also? Lord let me hit the lottery so I can afford to buy a treadmill for my basement.


I’m down 17 pounds and another size. I quickly zoomed out of the jeans I was wearing when I got pregnant with Abigail, at least to where I can’t wear them without having to wash them after each wear so they retain their size. Crazy, right?

The other night I was looking at my old weight loss charts and it has taken me in four months to achieve what it took me almost seven months to achieve when I first lost weight. Certainly now I’m armed with knowledge that I didn’t before – I know what to eat, how much, what I like, what I don’t, the things that set me off, etc. – but I also think I was much more rudderless in 2002 than I am in 2011.

I’m losing weight, not curing cancer, but getting healthy and taking care of myself feels a lot more purposeful than it did all those years ago.

I’m also a lot less social than I was back then – I don’t go out, and I certainly don’t drink as much. I know about impulse control, and I’m not nearly as frightened of the world around me. Age and experience have their benefits…