Got my Saturday

No baby today or this weekend, theoretically. Or at least I should say the chances of me being induced are slim to none at the moment.

The test results aren’t back yet. Turns out? That test, the one that measures the bile salt levels, takes a week to finish. A week. Which means we’ll know more on Wednesday. My midwife feels pretty positive, though, that we’re OK. The test results that did come back weren’t pointing to anything being amiss, which means so far, so good and we can continue along, waiting for this little girl to come when she’s good and ready.

Of course my feet and hands are still itchy, which is annoying, and if I could slather them in a thick coat of oatmeal and milk I would.

Mmmmm. Oatmeal and milk…

I had the best day yesterday. It was the sort of day I’d been hoping for, and we got it. Full disclosure: as I mentioned the other day, one of you very generous people emailed me last week to say she is a long-time reader and, oh, by the way, the manager of a spa here in Chicago and wanted to give me a prenatal massage, on her, no strings attached. There are rules and regulations for bloggers accepting things, though in this case she was clearly not asking anything in return of me for the massage. Though I’ve developed and executed blogger outreach programs for work, as a blogger I have never been a huge fan of them myself – it’s just not really who I am or what this blog is about. That said, companies have sent me things before, and I only accept the ones on the off-chance I might use them in real life.

So anyway, I accepted her generous gift, and she specified it was just a gift from her to me, not her company to me, and I was way more than OK with that arrangement.

That said? Oh dear God it was the best prenatal massage I’ve had this whole pregnancy. If you’re in Chicago, and you’re pregnant, get thee to Urban Oasis and ask for Barrett. I walked out of there. I mean, I literally walked out of there, something I haven’t been able to do in weeks without limping and hoping and be in pain. Plus? My mood lightened instantly, to a degree I haven’t experienced in weeks. I told Scott I actually felt high. I could not be more grateful for the experience, and I can’t recommend heading over there fast enough, pregnant ladies.

After our massages (I surprised Scott with a massage, which I paid for in full), we headed over to the massive Whole Foods and had some lunch, and sat at the bar and talked. The rest of our day was nice and easy like that – there were flowers, and naps, Chick-fil-A from Scott, and my sister-in-law came over and touched up my hair because God knows I don’t want our daughter to meet me for the first time, take one look at me and say, “Woman. What is up with those roots?

We watched movies, and I rocked in my glider, and proceeded to get a full night’s sleep. For the first Sunday in weeks, I don’t feel sick or sore, so we’re heading to church and I’ll probably spend the rest of my day hanging up pictures and reading some more. My sister told me the other day that I seem very calm for a woman who could either be induced or go into labor at any moment, and I suppose I am. I was pretty clear about all I wanted to accomplish before the baby got here, and all of those things are done, including the relaxing, lazy weekend. She can’t stay in there forever, and everyone is really excited to meet her.

I think we’re just ready, that’s all. Life’s gone on long enough without her in it.

*As mentioned, I did not pay for the massage I received yesterday, and my endorsement is not influenced by that gift. I was not asked to write about or review the service in exchange, but instead opted to do so here by my own accord.