HIIT, kickboxing, etc.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words. It really is good to hear it took some time for the majority of you. I don’t for a second regret waiting a bit to have kids, realizing you’re a statistic sort stinks.

On to other things…

We’re still in the process of buying a home. We opted to stop talking about it publicly for the obvious reasons, but we’re nearing the home stretch of things so hopefully I’ll be able to talk about it more soon. We’re excited, we’re stressed, we’re tired. For those of you who have bought a home before, you know the feelings of which I speak.

Last week I started high-intensity interval training, in conjunction with weight training. I loved it, I have to admit. It was nice to get in a sweaty workout in about 30 minutes. Many of you mentioned HIIT, so I thought I’d give it a go. Without a doubt, I’m still struggling, and a lot of old demons are rearing their heads. Stress has made itself known around here, and we’ve actually had to figure out a game plan for dealing with it that doesn’t include eating sugar-free pudding and baked tortilla chips for dinner. You’d think after years of realizing that I use food as a coping mechanism that I’d have it licked but you’d be wrong. I hesitate to call it an addiction, but I suppose in a lot of ways it is. Some people can stop after eating dinner or lunch or whatever. If I’m stressed, I can’t stop eating and the idea that someone can just eat a handful of chips and not think a thing of it baffles me. So I have to make sure I have dinners ready to heat up as soon as I get home, go take walks with the dog, do yoga a couple of times a week and breath deeply. A lot. Without these things in place, I’m an eating machine.

And I have to keep working out. I went to a bonafide boxing gym yesterday and took a real kickboxing class. At certain points I thought death was near, but there were moments, mostly the ones where I was violently throwing punches toward the teacher, who was armed with pads, of course, where I felt fearless. Absolutely fearless. The calorie burning benefits are great, sure, but real kickboxing taps into something primal and you can’t beat the feeling of kicking ass and taking names.

Tonight I will go to yoga. It’s all about balance, I suppose. My calves are on fire today, so it’s maybe more of a necessity than a question of balance.

For now, I’m off to walk the dog.