More Thanks


Right now, my husband and I are watching SNL in the comfort of our new house. We’ve got some wine, and a dog at our feet and candles lit and while we’re certainly not there yet, it’s feeling more like home with each passing second.

Our new home.

This is bowling us over more than I can possibly express. It’s so cozy here, and yet? All of this space! It’s amazing. What we can’t get over right now is that we finally live somewhere where everything has its own place. There is a room for tools. Tools! If you’ve never lived in a tiny space, you can’t imagine the freedom that such things give you. We’re not longer having to force things into weird corners where they’ll stay, out of sight, out of mind, until we leave. We actually have access! For someone who thrives on organization and order, this brings me more peace than an entire spa day.

We’ve met our neighbors and the ones we’ve met are all very nice and welcoming. The neighbor across the street offered Scott to stop by and have a beer. Those are the sort of neighbors you want. Plus? As I suspected, I don’t have to explain my dog’s name to people down here. Not only do they know of the town Glin, they know someone from it.

We had a nice holiday with Scott’s dad and his side of the family, though admittedly the visit was overshadowed by the move. But how nice was it to walk into their home and be greeted with hugs and congratulations and good wishes from everyone. Plus, there were all of those babies and kids and screaming and I am officially convinced that holidays are made that much better with all of that chaos. Probably because I’d really like to be pregnant.

I’m coming down with a cold, so tomorrow I’m going to get groceries, join the gym and make some soup. I will probably ride the couch for most of the day, though I’ll admit to you that I may end up putting up Christmas lights and decorations because I can’t have our house be the one on the block without anything on it.

Despite how much we’ve had to do, I’ve been so grateful to have these few days off from work. I feel relaxed, amazingly enough, though I’m pretty sure the stress I was feeling was a direct result of the house chaos. I’ll have about two weeks off around the holidays and I’ll be shocked if you get me to leave this house. Seriously. While I feel perfectly at ease with going back to work, heading back up north makes me sad.